King of Rices

Cultivated in the Iberian Peninsula since the Middle Ages and preserved through genetic selection at the Rice Station of Sueca (Valencia) since 1929. The production of Bomba rice is limited due to the delicacy of its cultivation. For many years, the cultivation and production of this variety seemed extinct, but our company has always bet on Bomba rice, producing it from its foundation to the present day.

It is a short-grain variety and has a pearly color. Its size is equivalent to that of round rice, sometimes even smaller, but Bomba rice more than doubles its size when cooked.

Its main characteristics are its great ability to absorb flavors and aromas, and it always remains at its point, loose and whole.

These culinary excellences make it considered one of the best rices in the world by expert chefs, earning it the designation ‘King of Rices.’ The gourmet rice par excellence, it can be found in the best delicatessen establishments worldwide

Especially suitable for paellas, ‘arroz Abanda,’ etc., although it can also be used for creamy and broth-based rice dishes.