Bonarroz Rice

The unmistakable double 'RR' suggests our Spanish identity in foreign markets; this marks the creation of the Bonarroz brand. The increase in our presence in international markets led us to design a new brand, Bonarroz, which contains in its name two key words that define us: quality ('Bon') and rice. Under this brand, you can find the various varieties we currently market, including J.Sendra, Bomba, Nuovo Maratelli, etc.

Our Products


Round Rice Bonarroz

We recommend using this variety of rice for any Mediterranean dish. The grain is characterized by capturing all the flavors and aromas of the prepared dish.

Bomba Rice Bonarroz

The production of this rice variety is limited due to the delicacy of its cultivation. Its short grains have a characteristic pearly color and are smaller compared to round rice. According to experts, it is considered one of the best types of rice worldwide

Bomba Rice Bonarroz

Its cultivation is delicate, which is why its production is limited. This rice variety is characterized by having short grains with a pearly color. The grain size is small compared to round rice. It is considered one of the best rices in the world according to experts.

Nuovo Maratelli Rice Bonarroz

It is a variety originating from Italy that is currently cultivated in the regions of Aragón and Navarra. It is a round grain with greater resistance to cooking and is ideal for catering and take-out meals

Long Grain Rice Bonarroz

It is a long and slender rice that is characterized by its lack of starch. The result is very loose, whole, and light rice. Recommended for side dishes and accompaniments in all kinds of dishes.

Whole Grain Rice Bonarroz

Rice from which only the husk is removed. It contains higher fiber content and vitamins B1, B2, B3, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium. It also stands out for its light brown color.

Parbolied Round Rice Arroz Tomas

The rice grains undergo a water vapor treatment that adheres the color of the bran to the core of the grain. This process results in a golden-colored grain. This rice variety never overcooks, remaining firm and fluffy.